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Card Jitsu Code Giveaway! (The 2nd code. Since charrazecp.co.cc wasnt working xD)

Code 2: TCJ2 88Z6 WDVT GK6M press PRNT SCRNSYSRQ On you keyboard. Then go to paint. Then paste. Save. And upload to tinypic.com k thanks!!



Hey guys!
Well, it’s hard to say this but im moving to a new site. (I hyperlinked all the text to it 🙂 ) So I will do everything here. The reason i’m leaving this site behind is. Well, I always wanted a self hosted site. I knew one day I would get one. And today is that day 🙂 Don’t worry. It will be the same site. Same name. Just new look. I will miss this site. I’ve had some great memories. But I need to step up my game. See whats also flexible is the name. Once CP goes educational (unless it’s good) this won’t be here. Ill blog about MiniMonos instead. So A self hosted site means I can flex around alot. So see ya there!